Guides available in the Geopark

In the San’in Kaigan Geopark, Geopark guides and staff members of related facilities will guide you around the Geopark. They have a great deal of knowledge of the must-see spots in the Geopark, and the relationship between such spots and the Geopark. You can also ask for information on good restaurants in the area!

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NPO SC-TANGO/Kyogamisaki Cape-Taiza Area(Kyogamisaki Cape)

◆Comment from the Guide [Certified guides]Type I guides: 18 / Type II guides: 1 

The Tango Peninsula boasts one of the most beautiful coastlines anywhere in Japan. In the Geopark, there are many interesting landforms such as marine terraces, gigantic columnar joints, strange-shaped rocks, and sand dunes. The friendly local guides will explain the geological features of these interesting spots as well as the ancient history and legends of the Tango region.


【Guide group address】 2624 Taiza, Tango-cho, Kyotango City, Kyoto Prefecture, 627-0201
【Guiding spots】 Kyogamisaki Cape, Byobuiwa Rock, Tateiwa Rock and other spots in Kyotango City
【Guided Tour Details】 Road Station – Tateiwa Rock – Onaru Tumuli – Byobuiwa Rock – Matsushima – Kyogamisaki Cape (*We can change the course on your request.)

1.Local tour guidance
(1) Tango history/legend guides
(2) San’in Kaigan Geosite guides

2.Nature guidance
(1) Wild flower observation guides (throughout Kyotango City)
(2) Our guides participate in nature observation events regularly held in Tango Ajiwai-no-sato.

Required time 1-2 hrs. (Adjustable as requested)
Fees Paid (For a group of up to five people: 2,500 yen, for a group of six people or more: 500 yen  number of people)
Hours 9:00-17:00
Last acceptance time ーーー
Reservation Required (by phone)
Reserve no later than 3 days in advance
Guides not available Available 365 days a year
Name of the group NPO SC-TANGO
Phone number 0772-75-1411
Fax number 0772-75-1411
E-mail ーーー
Others (Website)
*The above information is correct as of at the end of December, 2016. Please confirm the details before you make a reservation.