San’in Kaigan Geopark Marine Courses & Driving Courses

To help you effectively visit various Geosites within the San’in Kaigan Geopark and other must-see spots in the area, we have prepared several maps. Marin Course maps show you model courses that allow you to view must-see spots from aboard a ship. With Driving Course maps, you can visit many sites across a broader area by car.

【Marine Courses】 【Driving Courses】
Kasumi Kaigan Coast Course Tango Heights Course

Hamasaka & Tajima-Mihonoura Course Toyooka Basin-Mt. Hiyori Course

Uradome Kaigan Coast-Igumi Course Mt. Oginosen North Course

Takeno-Mt. Hiyori Course Iwai Hot Springs-Gamo-Arakane Course

Kumihama Course Izushi-Tanto Course

Tateiwa-Kyogamisaki Cape Course Kuto River Valley Course

Yuhigaura Beach-Kotohikihama Beach Course  


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