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In the San’in Kaigan Geopark, Geopark guides and staff members of related facilities will guide you around the Geopark. They have a great deal of knowledge of the must-see spots in the Geopark, and the relationship between such spots and the Geopark. You can also ask for information on good restaurants in the area!

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Kotohikihama Guide Synchro/
Gomura Fault, Kotohikihama & Kumihama Area(Kotohikihama)

◆Comment from the Guide [Certified guides] Type I guides: 7 / Type II guide: 2

The members of Kotohikihama Guide Synchro live in Kotohikihama and engage in activities to conserve Kotohikihama Beach. As well as explaining the rarity of the singing sand of Kotohikihama and the rarity of the plants and animals found in the area, we introduce Kotohikihama to tourists from the standpoint of its residents.
We tell visitors that residents of the Kotohikihama area have been engaged in activities to protect the beautiful landscape of white sand and green-leaf pine trees for many years. We also tell them about the local industries or the impact of the heavy oil spill from the Russian tanker Nakhodka, as part of our educational approach to promote the use of local resources and protect the environment (through lectures and fieldwork). We also introduce the history and culture of the area surrounding Lake Hanare, the largest freshwater lake in Kyoto Prefecture, and the development and culture of the town of Amino.


【Guide group address】 253 Kakezu, Amino-cho, Kyotango City, Kyoto Prefecture, 629-3112
【Guiding spots】 Kotohikihama, Lake Hanare, Kotohikihama Singing Sand Museum (Museum tour)
【Guided Tour Details】

Explanation of Kotohikihama Area (Kotohikihama, Kakezu, Kinki Nature Trail)
Kotohikihama, Lake Hanare (Kotohikihama, Kotohikihama Singing Sand Museum, Lake Hanare, Hanareyama Tumulus, Enjo Ruins, Choshiyama Tumulus, townscape of Amino and Tango chirimen)

Required time 15 minutes to 5 hours
Fees Charged (2,000 yen per hour for one guide)
* In principle, one guide for 1-8 visitors
Hours 8:00-17:00
(The guides are also available early in the morning and at night.) *Please consult us.
Last acceptance time 16:00
Reservation Required (by phone or e-mail)
Reserve no later than One week in advance
Guides not available ーーー
Name of the group Kotohikihama Singing Sand Museum
Phone number 0772-72-5511
Fax number 0772-72-5511
Others (Website) Kotohikihama Singing Sand Museum
Kotohikihama Tourism and Hotels Association


*The above information is correct as of at the end of December, 2016. Please confirm the details before you make a reservation.