A Geosite of a landscape formed by sand dunes and the legend of “The White Rabbit of Inaba”

Hakuto Kaigan Coast
(Hakuto Kaigan Coast)

The Hakuto Coast is located at the western end of the Tottori Dunes, and has been known as the stage for the legend of “The White Rabbit of Inaba.” This is a beautiful Geosite of a small cape and pocket-shaped sand dunes.


Hakuto Shrine and the shrine's forest
This shrine honors Shirousaginokami, the White Rabbit that appears in the legend of “The White Rabbit of Inaba,” described in Kojiki as a god. In the shrine’s forests, black pine trees block the northwest winds in winter, allowing evergreen shrubs of tabu (Machilus thunbergii), shii (Castanopsis cuspidate), Japanese cinnamon, and ebony to grow. Here remains the landscape of the primeval forest of the coastal area along the Sea of Japan.
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Mikuma Shrine
The age of the construction of this shrine is unknown. In the Edo Period, the shrine was called “Hashira Daimyojin” or “Mikura Yashiro.” You can observe basalt columnar joints around the shrine. These rocks are still used as part of the steps that lead to the shrine.
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Sakenotsu Fishing Port
This fishing port is surrounded by mountains on three sides. On the cape to the east of the port, you can observe the exposure of a conglomerate stratum accumulated after the Sea of Japan was formed (the Hakuto Conglomerate Stratum). Sakenotsu Port is known for its Tondou festival, held to pray for the health of people and plentiful catches of fish. The festival has been designated as an important intangible folklore cultural asset of Japan.
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Shinwa-no-sato Shirousagi Roadside Station
Hakuto Kaigan Coast, famous for the legend of “The White Rabbit of Inaba,” spreads in front of this road station. Here you can buy agricultural and fishery products grown or caught in this area, and enjoy meals using them as ingredients. This is the sightseeing base of Hakuto Kaigan Coast.
Shinwa-no-sato Shirousagi Roadside Station


Hakuto Kaigan Coast is known as the stage of the legend of “The White Rabbit of Inaba.” Between Ketanosaki and Okinoshima Island (the legend says that the White Rabbit crossed the sea between them), there are a range of rocks (wave-cut benches) that resemble the back of a crocodile shark. Okinoshima Island, where the White Rabbit lived, looks like the rabbit in the legend of Okuninushi no mikoto, the god who helped the White Rabbit, depending on the direction. In summer, Hakuto Kaigan Coast is crowded with people enjoying sea bathing. You can enjoy beautiful sunsets over the sea, especially from spring to summer.

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【内 容】神話の世界に思いをはせて、自然の景観を体感するコース
【見 所】白兎神社、ハマナス自生南限地帯、淤岐ノ島など
【距 離】約3.5km(基本コース)


【内 容】背後に小さな砂丘が形成されている、岬の間に挟まれた砂浜海岸を体感するコース
【見 所】小沢見海岸、赤島、北野神社、砂丘の後背湿地など
【距 離】約3.1km(基本コース)