Guides available in the Geopark

In the San’in Kaigan Geopark, Geopark guides and staff members of related facilities will guide you around the Geopark. They have a great deal of knowledge of the must-see spots in the Geopark, and the relationship between such spots and the Geopark. You can also ask for information on good restaurants in the area!

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Ajiwara River Conservation Group (Shin’onsen-town Geopark Network)/
Tajima-Mihonoura & Hamasaka Area(The Ajiwara River)

◆Comment from the Guide [Certified guides] Type I guides: 2 / Type II guide: 1

The San’in Kaigan Coast boasts the wonderful contrast of rough rocks and gentle sandy beaches. We focus on the introduction of stories (history) of how people have lived to overcome the harsh forces of nature. We describe the hardship of our ancestors who worked to develop traffic infrastructure such as the pass road along the Tajima Kaigan Coast, railways, and harbors, as well as their wisdom in utilizing the blessings of nature such as steel (sawing-needles), hot spring water, and spring water (wells) in their daily lives. We believe communicating visitors is our most important role. Come and hear our explanations in the Hamasaka dialect!


【Guide group address】 2673-1 Hamasaka, Shinonsen-cho, Hyogo Prefecture, 669-6702
(Shinonsen Town Commerce, Industry & Tourism Department)
【Guiding spots】 Hamasaka Town Strolling Area, the River Ajiwara area (Old town of Hamasaka), railway heritage sites on the San’in Line
【Guided Tour Details】

– The history and culture of the Ajiwara River area (old stone walls, wells, temples, Hamasaka Forerunner Memorial Hall “Imeitei,” Kato Buntaro Memorial Library, Hot Spring Tower)
– Strolling around Hamasaka town (historic stone monuments, pine forest, the Port of Hamasaka, needle factory, temples)
– Railway heritages (Tokan Tunnel, Takimi River lattice truss bridge, memorial monument for the victims of railway construction accidents, Hamasaka Station, Igumi Station, railway brick walls, etc.)

Required time – Ajiwara River area: 40-60 min.
– Hamasaka town strolling: approx. 2 hrs.
– Railway heritages: half a day-1 day

2 hrs.-half a day: 3,000 yen
1 day: 5,000 yen
*For longer/shorter hours for a large group, please consult us.

Hours 9:00-17:00
Last acceptance time ーーー
Reservation Required (by phone)
Reserve no later than One day in advance
Guides not available Irregular holidays
Name of the group Shinonsen Town Commerce,
Industry & Tourism Department
Phone number 0796-82-5625
Fax number 0796-82-3054
E-mail ーーー
Others (Website) ーーー


*The above information is correct as of June 2016. Please confirm the details before you make a reservation.